Unpainted paintings, fetrographies* are results of my searches, a long process that included many artistic activities. A grand journey that led me to fascination with wool. I love feeling its complex structure under my fingers, its roughness and, at the same time, softness and elasticity. I fight with matter that wants me to loose control over it, likes to be very individual and indocile. I try to tame it, to obtain the planned visual effect as a result. Among my works, you can find a variety of forms, large and small, some rich in colours and sharp contrasts, other in monochromatic tones.

(*) Fetrography – self-invented name, constructed from the French words feutre (felt) and graphie (graphics)

Monochromatic feutrographie



Jazz impressions



Portraits of background memory

Window Portraits
or the résumé of Witek Łapa